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Give us a call  (44) 0186 534 1222
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Cable Television Industry Update

Toner Cable Equipment Inc. is one of the largest stocking distributors of Cable Television Equipment for all types of television signal distribution systems. We stock over 10,000 products from more than 110 manufacturers, including AFL, Amphenol, Adtec Digital, Blonder Tongue, Drake, Draka, Pico Digital, Middle Atlantic, Miranda, Olson Technology, Ortel, Sencore, Sadelco, Times Fiber and Xcrypt. As a stocking distributor of Television Signal Distribution Equipment or TV Equipment, we have a vast range of solutions for both Analog TV Systems and the new Digital TV Systems. This TV Signal Distribution Equipment is used in many various different applications such as Cable TV Systems, Private Cable Systems, TV Broadcast stations, Hotel Television systems, Hospital TV systems, Government Video systems, Intelligence Gathering Systems, Military TV systems and almost any other type of Television Entertainment System or Educational Television System. What sets us apart from the rest of the crowd is our people. Our people have in-depth industry and product knowledge and provide exceptional customer service. The combined experience in the CATV equipment industry of our sales team is more than 230 years. We specialize in helping our customers choose the right products for the job. This, as with all our advice is always free. We have what has been called "the best catalog in the industry." This is free for the asking, click see the latest catalog

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