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Give us a call  (44) 0186 534 1222
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Toner Cable Launches New Web Site, 3.6.2014

The company spent over four months and hundreds of hours perfecting the user-friendly site, so customers will have a positive experience. So far, the company has received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the new website, making the launch an initial success. Employees are excited to see where the new website will take them. Featuring an overhauled appearance, people who visit the site will find more information on products. As 2014 moves forward along with the new website, Toner Cable Equipment Inc. looks forward to growing their online presence.

“The new website reflects our ongoing efforts to keep customers well-informed of the products we offer and showcases our ability to stay on top of the industry by bringing the latest technologies to the forefront,” stated BJ Toner, President at Toner Cable Equipment Inc. “Built from the ground up, our website features a custom Content Management System, which allows us to make changes easier and faster for the people who visit our site on a daily basis. With this system, customers will be informed of the newest products as soon as they become available. We are also proud to announce that it is a responsive site, which means customers can view it on any mobile device, PC, tablet, or smart phone.”

Toner Cable Equipment Inc. has been committed to providing exceptional customer service since 1971. With the new website, their commitment will be stronger than ever. People can visit the website at For more information on the new site, people can speak with a company representative by calling 800-523-5947

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