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Adtec Soloist-HD Pro Broadcast Decoder

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  • Adtec Soloist-HD Pro Broadcast Decoder uses GIGE interface to decode a live transport stream
  • Soloist-HD Pro Broadcast Decoder decodes both SD and HD content
Adtec Soloist-HD Pro Broadcast Decoder uses GIGE interface to decode a live transport stream


  • Decode MPEG-2 and AVC High Definition: 
    Step up to stunning high defi nition decoding of AVC/H.264 and MPEG-2 
  • GIGE Decode:
    Use the included GIGE interface to decode a live transport stream
  • Up and Down Conversion:
    Scale video up or down from NTSC to 1080i60.
  • Hard Drive Decode:
    The Soloist-HD Pro includes a built in hard drive with a command interface and scheduler that can play a list or scheduled transport streams.
  • Automatic Fallback with Signal Loss:
    The Soloist-HD Pro will fall back to hard-drive playout if a signal is lost.
  • High and Standard Definition:
    Decode both SD and HD content with the Soloist-HD Pro.
  • Sound Professional:
    Decode stereo MPEG 1 Layer 2, Dolby Digital and decode or down-mix Dolby 5.1.

Product Description

Adtec's Soloist-HD Pro is a broadcast quality High Definition MPEG 2 and AVC decoder. Multi-CODEC decoding has never been easier or more reliable. The Soloist-HD Pro supports GIGE and Hard Drive Transport Stream decoding. Video outputs include D1 (composite), HDMI with HDCP and HD-SDI with embedded audio. Decode MPEG 2 SD 422, HD 420, AVC SD and HD video. Audio decoding includes a single stereo channel of Dolby Digital, Dolby 5.1*, MPEG 1 Layer 2 and AAC-LC audio. Output broadcast quality video with embedded stereo audio on the HD-SDI interface and to consumer monitors with the HDMI interface. Composite D1 video and balanced analog audio are also supported for legacy NTSC or PAL environments. The decoder can down convert HD 1080i or 720 P to Composite or SDI.

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