CAT6SP STP Plenum Bulk Cable
  • CAT6SP-WH network cable has solid copper center conductor
  • CAT6SP STP Plenum Bulk Cable

Thor Digital: CAT6SP STP Plenum Bulk Cable

This CAT6SP plenum network cable is backwards compatible with CAT6, CAT5E and CAT5 network cables to ensure optimum networking performance. The shielding allows use in environments where noise could be a factor and in applications where digital video is transported such as an IPTV system.

Our CAT6SP ethernet cable prevents signal loss and crosstalk with its shielded 23AWG solid copper conductors. This not only ensures a clear signal, but also prevents the cable from emitting EMI and affecting the surrounding electronics. This bulk CAT6SP shielded cable has a tinned copper drain wire which grounds electricity after termination.