HDME-4Q HD Encoder / QAM Modulator
  • HDME-4Q is a 4 program HD digital modulator with a 4 channel, 2 QAM output.
  • Thor Digital HDME-4Q HD Encoder / QAM Modulator converts video signals into Digital TV channels

Zycast: HDME-4Q HD Encoder / QAM Modulator

The HDME 4Q is a FOUR program High Definition digital modulator with a 4 channel, 2 QAM output. With the HDME 4Q you can convert video signals into Digital TV channels for distribution to any number of TV’s on the system. The HDME was engineered to work with Satellite receivers, Digital Signage players, DVD players, Media players and any other device with a video output.

The HDME 4Q has four separate program inputs, either HDMI, component (Y,Pb,Pr) or composite video. The device then digitizes the program and modulates it on a standard QAM channel for distribution to TV’s over a standard basic coax (cable TV) system. This is ideal for Sports Bars, Casinos, Retirement Facilities, Schools, Sports Venues and Motels / Hotels.

The HDME 4Q has a easy to use GUI on a separate 10/100 data port (RJ45) for local or remote setup. The unit also can be configured from the front panel. With a high performance encoder chipset, the HDME 4Q has video resolution up to 1080I (1080P for H.264) for the highest quality video!

The modulator has a high output level of 45dBmV so you don’t need an amplifier for distribution and the MER is 40 dB or greater so you can be sure that the picture quality will be as good on the last TV as it is on the first. The HDME4Q is a high performance digital modulator that is very cost effective for just about any application.