NXG-IPTV InfoValue NXG Advanced IPTV Video Services
  • NXG-IPTV InfoValue provides access to IPTV middleware platform

Blonder Tongue: NXG-IPTV InfoValue NXG Advanced IPTV Video Services

The Blonder Tongue Labs’ NXG-IPTV module powered by InfoValue allows Cable, Fiber Optic and Telco Operators to support Hospitality, Enterprise, and Healthcare customers in managing all their video services from one location, integrated directly into Service Operator’s video distribution system.

With the InfoValue NXG-IPTV module, there is no need to purchase additional servers to provide a management middleware solution to customers. Now customers can simply add the NXG-IPTV module to a Blonder Tongue Labs’ NeXgen Gateway (NXG) headend, and use InfoValue’s award winning IPTV middleware platform.

InfoValue’s IPTV middleware offers personalized guest services ranging from high-quality HD VOD to network-based personal video recording (nPVR), OTT apps, and mobile video streaming.  InfoValue’s middleware leverages the local IP network and IP-connected devices such as mobile devices, SmartTVs, or IPTV Set-Top Boxes to provide a suite of advanced television services.