NXG-PI-IP NXG Pro:Idiom Encryption Module
  • NXG-PI-IP Encryption Module can support up to 144 programs

Blonder Tongue: NXG-PI-IP NXG Pro:Idiom Encryption Module

The NXG-PI-IP (Pro:Idiom Encryption Module for IP - Supports SPTS) is part of the Blonder Tongue NeXgen Gateway (NXG) platform that adds Pro:Idiom encryption (digital content protection) to HDTV signals.

The NXG-PI-IP module inputs MPEG-compliant transport streams through the NXG IP backplane. The Pro:Idiom encryption is added to a Single Program Transport Streams (SPTS) format. The Pro:Idiom encrypted video content is then routed via the NXG IP backplane to the desired IP outputs for distribution.

The Pro:Idiom encryption is compatible with existing Pro:Idiom decryption devices, such as TV and set top boxes most commonly used in Hospitality locations.