Patriot Multi-Function Enclosure
  • The Patriot is made of .125 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Outstanding corrosion resistance.

: Patriot Multi-Function Enclosure

The Patriot is designed to protect your equipment in the harshest of environments. Constructed to meet high quality standards, The Patriot protects your equipment from the worst mother nature can throw at it. Heat kills, especially sensitive electronics. The Patriot is equipped with a Solar Shielded roof to shield your electronics from the destructive effects of Solar load. The Patriot can also be equipped with air conditioning, heat exchangers and/or fans to create the optimal environment for your electronics.

The Patriot with its integrated side access multifunction enclosure, front and rear access rack mount equipment chamber and isolated, vented battery compartment, is versatile enough for any application.

The side access multifunction enclosure can be used to house fiber splice and storage equipment, customer access equipment or standard POTS connection devices.

The battery compartment features front and rear access doors and will house up to 4 standard telecommunication style batteries. Battery trays can be added in the equipment chamber for additional backup requirements.

An Equipment Chamber like no other. Front and rear doors give you access to equipment and affords the flexibility to mount equipment to the front and rear set of rack rails, thus virtually creating two cabinets in one. The adjustable rack system is unequaled in the industry and features an integrated vertical and horizontal wire management system – making any wiring job quicker, easier and better organized.

The Patriot is also equipped with a pre-wired quad receptacle and 12 position ground bar. Plug and play.

The Patriot can also be equipped with an integrated power system.