QIP-SDI 2 IPTV Encoder
  • QIP-SDI 2 IPTV enocoder can be rack mounted 2 across with optional rack mount kit
  • QIP-SDI 2 has 1 SDI and 1 HDMI input up to 1080p60

Contemporary Research: QIP-SDI 2 IPTV Encoder

The new QIP series of IPTV encoders offer a totally new technology for H.264 IPTV encoding and distribution. All models feature dual encoders to achieve a lower cost per IP stream. Dual hardware scalers offer total control over video resolution, widescreen formatting and bitrate. Conversion of VGA and PAL resolutions is fully supported as well. Both streams can be encoded as H.264 or MPEG2, and sent as Unicast or Multicast streams.

Models are available with HDMI or SDI inputs, as well as Composite for video or captioning data. Captioning is also available from embedded SDI 708/608 data. Audio options include embedded audio, digital SPDIF, and analog stereo - and SAP second audio language programs can be defined as well. Closure and voltage inputs are available to trigger an EAS broadcast. Both streams will switch to a defined input, and will revert to current inputs when the event ends.