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Quartet 3G Ready ASI & HD/SD-SDI Switching Distribution Amplifier

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  • Ideal for supporting encoder redundancy without a DTA
  • Automatic or manual switching
  • Auto rate detection

Product Description

  • Inputs (2):
    (A) Primary input
    (B) Secondary input used as a backup
  • Front panel LEDs (2):
    Power - Green indicates powered up
    Signal - Green indicates a valid signal is being passed through the system.
  • Modes selectable via external RST (2): 
    -When LEFT and CENTER terminals are shorted together the PRIMARY signal passes. 
    -When the RIGHT and CENTER terminals are connected the SECONDARY signal passes. 
    -When any of the more
  • Redundancy Backup
    When signals on both the primary and secondary are valid the primary signal will pass. If this signal is lossed then the secondary signal will pass. If there is no secondary and primary signal, no input passes. Once a valid signal is connected the unit will then pass that signal, however the primary input takes precedence so if both signals are again connected the primary will pass. If the primary is lossed again the unit switches to secondary. If the primary is then reconnected it will go back to passing the primary. All inputs use autorate detection.
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