RG11 Series Coax Cable
  • RG11 Series Coax
  • RG11 Series Coax 60% Braid
  • RG11 Quadshield Coax

Thor Digital: RG11 Series Coax Cable

RG-11 Riser Rated, Coaxial Cable 60% Braid & Quadshield, UL Listed Riser Rated, 3 GHz

Thor Digital's  RG-11 Riser Rated cable is for distribution of both analog and digital television signals. It is ideally suited for Direct TV or Dishnet installations, Antenna installations, Cable TV, and other high frequency applications. 

Available in both a 60% braid and a quadshield version for installation where necessary.

The cable features a 14 gauge copper clad steel center conductor, a gas expanded foamed PE dielectric, a 60% braid or 60/40% quadshield shield and a protective black riser rated UV resistant PVC outer jacket.

Model# Model Description Quantity  


RG-11 60% Braid 1000 ft Reel, Black


RG-11 Quadshield 1000 ft Reel, Black