SLM-1479 Portable Cable/Digital TV RF Analyzer
  • SLM-1479 digital RF analyzer has 7” high-resolution touch screen

Sencore: SLM-1479 Portable Cable/Digital TV RF Analyzer

The portable SLM 1479 cable/digital TV RF analyzer answers the needs of TV and cable installers and technicians in today’s broadcast and high speed cable TV video delivery networks. It is capable of testing and analyzing digital TV/RF formats including QAM, DOCSIS, 8VSB (ATSC) and NTSC from 5 MHz to an extended 1250 MHz.

The meter provides in-depth RF measurements including MER, BER, PER, EVM, noise margin, constellation, spectral analysis and DOCSIS 3.0 channel bonding and dropped packets. It includes simple pass or fail quality indications for easy interpretation of results. Additionally, the SLM 1479 decodes live video and audio from clear streams and displays MPEG information such as service names, video/audio program IDs and MPEG format descriptors.

With its color touchscreen display, the SLM 1479 user interface eliminates the need for multiple menus and pushbuttons, and it achieves the ultimate in user friendliness. The display offers easy to interpret graphs and results as well as live spectral and constellation diagrams for thorough troubleshooting. The SLM 1479 also offers a LAN port for remote connectivity and downloading the results of its automated pass/fail test for system documentation and record keeping.

The SLM 1479 is designed to meet the rigors of everyday field use with a rugged display that is both dependable and viewable even in the brightest sunlight. It also includes a padded nylon case with all the straps and handles a user could want.

Once shipped Test equipment is not returnable