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Soloist-HD Pro Broadcast Decoder

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Soloist-HD Pro


  • Decode MPEG-2 and AVC High Definition: 
    Step up to stunning high defi nition decoding of AVC/H.264 and MPEG-2 
  • GIGE Decode:
    Use the included GIGE interface to decode a live transport stream
  • Up and Down Conversion:
    Scale video up or down from NTSC to 1080i60.
  • Hard Drive Decode:
    The Soloist-HD Pro includes a built in hard drive with a command interface and scheduler that can play a list or scheduled transport streams.
  • Automatic Fallback with Signal Loss:
    The Soloist-HD Pro will fall back to hard-drive playout if a signal is lost.
  • High and Standard Definition:
    Decode both SD and HD content with the Soloist-HD Pro.
  • Sound Professional:
    Decode stereo MPEG 1 Layer 2, Dolby Digital and decode or down-mix Dolby 5.1.

Product Description

The Soloist-HD Pro is a broadcast quality High Definition MPEG 2 and AVC decoder. Multi-CODEC decoding has never been easier or more reliable. The Soloist-HD Pro supports GIGE and Hard Drive Transport Stream decoding. Video outputs include D1 (composite), HDMI with HDCP and HD-SDI with embedded audio. Decode MPEG 2 SD 422, HD 420, AVC SD and HD video. Audio decoding includes a single stereo channel of Dolby Digital, Dolby 5.1*, MPEG more

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