XGHS-4D31 4-Way DOCSIS 3.1 Compatible 1.2 GHz Digital Splitters
  • 4 way horizontal splitter has nickel plated alloy housing

Toner Cable: XGHS-4D31 4-Way DOCSIS 3.1 Compatible 1.2 GHz Digital Splitters

This new series of drop splitters from Toner are designed to work in digital systems deploying DOCSIS 3.1 that utilizes the 5-85 MHz spectrum for upstream, and the 105 to 1220 MHz spectrum for downstream. By using the latest in ferrite core and winding technology along with premium PC boards and components we have been able to increase bandwidth without any sacrifice in performance.

These splitters feature a diecast zinc alloy housing with a nickel plating for superior corrosion resistance. Each F port is machined with 3/8-32 UNEF threads to meet SCTE and ANSI specifications and incorporates a patented seal that is waterproof to 15 PSI. The seizure mechanism for the center conductor is also patented and contacts the center conductor on 4 sides and provides more than 200g of retention force which ensures correct electrical contact. The F ports are on 1” spacing which meets SCTE & ANSI specifications.

All of these splitters feature DC blocking capacitors on all ports for power isolation protection and for induced spikes protection. These splitters feature superior performance, low intermediation distortions and meet or exceed all current industry standards.