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Give us a call  (44) 0186 534 1222
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Olson OTOT and OTPN

Here is Sales Representative, Tony DeNofa, to talk about the Olson OTOT & OTPN transmitters.

Video Transcript:

Hi, Tony D. from Toner Cable Equipment in Horsham, Pennsylvania. We are going to go over the Olson Technology brand. Starting with transmitters, we have the OTOT-1000 series.

We have the single mode fiber input, test point for RF, back here we have the RF coax input and also a fan to keep it cooled. It’s a rugged, CATV fiber transmitter. We bring RF cable television in on coax and we go out on single mode fiber. You order it in variable different dB levels from plus 3 to plus 15 dB. It also has an optical test point and an RF test point. There is a rack mount kit and we can fit 3 across in a one RU space. You could have three different transmitters going out, hitting, buildings on your receive side.

In the receivers, we have 3 levels. We have a model, called an OTPN-400, with wide optical input range of 0 to -8. We have an optical input right here for your single mode fiber input and around 28 dB RF output. And this will be your power, coming on a piece of coax. So if you have a good receiver that can go down, and in this case, this model to -8, the transmitter that you purchase would not have to be a very high power transmitter because the receivers are so well built.

We also have an OTPN-800; same form factor the RF output level is 38 dB. So it would be the mid-range. Then we go over to the Olson Technology flagship, the OTPN-2000.

Again, we have our optical input here, single mode fiber. We prefer Sam Charlie APC/SCAPC connectors. Test point for optics. This side we have your RF output and a fan for cooling. This is more of a 2 RU. It does have a rack kit for your receive building. So the single mode fiber comes in, RF comes out. This receiver will give you a plus 48 dB RF output. 

The nice thing about the OTPN-2000 is that it has a built in side card attachment. So this will be your forward receive node in a building, we attach a return transmitter to the side of it, another product line, and that will go back towards your headend on another single mode fiber.

Any other further questions please contact your Toner Cable Equipment Sales person. Thank you.

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