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Coaxial Cables & Connectors

Coaxial Cable Connectors and Coax Adapters

 Coax cable is what is used to transport Cable TV signals within a distribution system, I/E a Cable TV system. Connectors and adapters are what is used on the ends of the coax cables to connect to different pieces of equipment or other sizes of coax cable.

Coax Cable and connectors are broken into two categories, hardline and drop, depending on the application and specifications of the cable. Hardline cable is the solid aluminum cable used for long distances ≥ 300-400 feet. It is often hung from telephone poles. Drop cable is the flexible coax cable used to connect a home to the outside cable network. It is also the cable normally used inside buildings. RG6 and RG11 are the two most common types of drop cable used.

Coax is defined as two or more forms that share a common axis. In coax cable, the forms that share this axis are the center conductor and the outer conductor.  These are what conduct the Television signal the center conductor is centered in the outer conductor by a dielectric insulator. The dielectric keeps the two conductor properly spaced to match the impedance of the cable (75 Ohm or TV signals)  The next layer is the outer conductor , for hardline it is a sold aluminum tube, for  RG6 or RG11 it is a aluminum / Mylar tape and aluminum braid . This is also what keeps the RF signal within the cable and any unwanted signals from entering.  For drop cable such as RG6 or RG11, this braid can be found in 60% coverage and 90% coverage, the higher the percentage the better the protection. The term "quad shield" means that there are four layers of protection in this order: tape, braid, tape, braid. Most of our cable is riser rated meaning that it can be used in vertical distribution throughout a building.  We also have Plenum rated cables. The term "Plenum" means that the cable is rated to be used in a plenum space (ex. duct work and HVAC return air plenum systems). Plenum rated cable is available for both RG6 and RG11.  

Toner Cable Equipment stocks hundreds of thousands of feet of coax cable in many different varieties along with the connectors needed for distribution of TV signal.