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As the demand for OTT video streaming grows, so does the need for ASI-IP conversion products.  Toner Cable presents a line of top quality IPTV Converters / Multiplexers  allowing operators to create custom-made channel lineups by grooming standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) programs on an as-needed basis.

Cable networks are rapidly transitioning to IP transport over Gigabit Ethernet, however until the transition is complete, there is still legacy ASI-based equipment that must integrate with Gigabit Ethernet-based equipment, necessitating a product that performs a conversion function. Toner Cable  offers a variety of high-end products for the conversion of any ASI input to any Gigabit Ethernet output, facilitating cable operators' transition to Gigabit Ethernet networks. 

These IPTV Converters / Multiplexers take  MPEG-2/H.264 inputs in ASI format, and  multiplex them into MPEG-2/H.264 Multi-Program Transport Stream (MPTS) which is then encapsulated and assigned to a single IPv4 address in 1000Base-T Ethernet (GbE) format suitable for distribution over Cat-5 networks.

One popular model Toner carries is the Modular Media Converter (MMC).  The Modular Media Converter delivers the industry’s highest density solution for ASI-to-Gigabit Ethernet conversion. Based on it’s flexible, scalable and modular platform, the MMC expedites deployments of advanced video services over IP, simplifies operation and management, and reduces operational and capital costs.

Another option when Digital television service operators wish to aggregate and process MPEG, ATSC, Digicypher, or DVB based services for traditional (satellite, cable, terrestrial) is the digital turn around router / asi-ip multipexer. 

From manufacturers like Adtec, Blonder Tongue and RGB, you will find an economical and reliable solution to your digital media converter needs, ask one of our technical sales engineers  to advise you on your best solution.  Our technical staff is continually trained on the latest trends in IPTV conversion and will be able to guide you through your IPTV distribution system design.