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Digital Encoders

Digital Encoders

At Toner Cable Equipment you will find a vast selection of MPEG2 / MPEG4 encoders for just about any application. From an economical encoder for a sports bar to a Contribution encoder for SNG they have what you are looking for.

Toner stocks SD and HD encoders from several manufacturers such as Adtec Digital, Blonder Tongue, Blankom, Drake, Contemporary Research, Immedia, Evertz, Harris, Opticom, Thor Digital, Visionary solutions and Wellav.

These MPEG encoders take either a SD Analog video signal, a Analog HD video or even a HD digital signal encode it in either MPEG2 or MPEG4 and then output it in ASI, IP or even QAM for distribution.

Often called a Digital Modulator, an encoder is actually both an Encoder and modulator in a single unit. They are often the affordable entry level models such as the Thor Digital HDME series.

If your system is an IPTV system we have many encoders for this as well. In fact now most encoders have an IP output along with a ASI and or QAM output which allows simultaneous RF and IPTV solutions to operate.

What is the difference you ask between MPEG4 and H.264? In, reality H.264 is part of the MPEG4 AVC standard for the HD codec. Basically they are a different name for the same codec.

For those applications where H.264 is needed, we have several encoders to choose from. The Drake EH-244 chassis and HDE are capable of MPEG2 or H.264 codec.

And for the broadcaster or satellite company that needs a very low latency encoder / decoder, the Adtec Digital EN-91 and EN-81 have the lowest latency in the industry when paired with the Adtec RD-60 decoder.

Regardless of what your application is or the type of encoder you need, Toner has what you are looking for. From SD encoders, to HD encoders, Toner is the place to turn to!