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Digital Satellite Receivers & IRD

Digital Satellite Receivers & IRD

Receivers or Satellite receivers are the pieces of equipment used to receive programming from a satellite. They are part of the satellite reception system which includes the satellite antenna (the dish) the LNB and the caballing. Typically multiple satellite receivers are installed in a system to receive multiple programs from the same satellite. With satellite programming now being scrambled, the satellite receiver also incorporates a decoder to descramble the programming. Satellite receivers that incorporate this technology are called IRD’s or Integrated Receiver Decoder.

There are many different types of IRD’s available and some are specifically used with the scrambling system deployed. For instance a system that uses DigiCypher by Motorola needs to use a Motorola DSR series IRD. A system that uses PowerVu by Scientific Atlanta (Cisco) needs to use a PowerVu IRD such as a D9850.

Additionally there are many models of receivers that use other scrambling systems and are able to work with many different systems such as Nagravision, Conax, Iredito and others. There is also an open platform system BISS which is often used for SNG applications. The satellite receivers that use this system are often high performance models designed for SNG or sports backhaul transmissions.

These are all commercial satellite receivers not intended for use by consumers. For the Direct To Home (DTH) satellite services such as Dish Network, Direct TV, B Sky B and other systems there are satellite receivers specifically designed and built for these services. These IRD’s actually look like a typical Set Top Box like a cable TV company uses but they will only work with Satellite signals, they do not connect to a cable TV system. In the consumer or home environment there often is 2 or 3 or even more of these receivers in the home. Typically one is needed for each TV so each TV can watch different channels.

Here at Toner you will find many different commercial satellite receivers from many different manufacturers such as Adtec, Blankom, Cisco, Erickson, Motorola (now Arris), Sencore, Harris and Wellav as well as consumer models from Direct TV and Dish Network.