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Digital Transcoders

Digital Transcoders

Transcoding takes one file format, compresses it and transfers it to the format on which it is going to be viewed.  This is usually done in cases where a target device does not support the format or has limited storage capacity that mandates a reduced file size, or to convert incompatible or obsolete data to a better-supported or modern format. One of the most common examples of transcoding is from MPEG2 to MPEG4 format and vice versa.  How is a file compressed into a smaller size without any significant losses in quality? It can be a tricky process. The goal is to minimize loss in picture quality while still keeping the file size manageable. The codecs used for compression in video are typically H.264, a standard for providing high definition video at substantially lower bit rates.  At Toner Cable, we have a large inventory of transcoders from leading manufacturers like Blonder Tongue, Drake, Pico Digital, Sencore and Wellav.

Blonder Tongue's AQT Agile 8VSB - QAM to QAM transcoder is one of our top selling transcoders.  The AQT supports 8VSB/16VSB and digital cable (QAM 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256), and has agile QAM output of +40 dBmV.  The AQT is modular unit and works with a chassis system (QTRC) allowing up to 8 modules in just 3RU, saving valuable rack space.

Another popular model just recently released by Blonder Tongue is the AQT8-IP ATSC/QAM Transcoder.  This transcoder accepts 8 inputs of 8VSB/QAM and outputs 8 IP streams and also supports EAS.  The AQT8-IP allows for a customized channel line-up utilizing IP streaming, making it the perfect choice for your digital media streaming needs.

The Blonder Tongue IPAT IP-ASI transcoder uses slightly different technology and is intended for bi-directional IP-ASI applications.  The IPAT transcoder accepts MPEG2/4-encoded input streams in 1000Base-T Ethernet (GbE) and ASI formats simultaneously and transcodes it to ASI output while ASI input is transcoded to GbE output.

Whatever your application, Toner Cable has a transcoder to meet your needs.