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Distribution Amplifiers

Distribution Amplifiers

For over 25 years, Toner Cable has been one of the top suppliers of rf distribution / apartment house amplifiers.  Stocking popular models like Blonder Tongue's BIDA and ACA series, we have been able to provide our customers with the amplifiers they need quickly and at a great price.

A distribution amplifier is a type of amplifier that is mounted indoors, usually in a central location, and is used to "distribute" TV (or other) signals to multiple locations.

These amps take an antenna or cable TV signal and boost its strength. The channels on the coaxial cable (whether digital or analog) are Radio Frequency (RF) signals. The amplifiers simply improve the signal level, whether it be digital, high definition, ATSC encoded, or they might be standard definition, NTSC encoded channels.  BIDA series amplifiers can increase the signal level by up to 30, 43 or 50 dB, where the lower cost ACA series will only provide 30 dB of amplification.

In most cases to determine how much amplification is necessary for a good quality signal, you will need to determine how long your cable runs will be and how many splitters or taps will be in place.  You will need to refer to specific equipment specifications and cable loss charts to get accurate information.  Creating a simple line drawing of the cable routes from building to building and/or within buildings is one of the most common practices in designing your RF distribution system.  This will help you to add up the total loss of your system by adding the loss in the input side to the loss in the output side. The desired signal level at the TV set should be not less than 0 dBmV at any frequency. An ideal signal level should be around +3 dBmV to +5 dBmV.

Amplifiers with variable outputs are nice since they let you easily adjust the gain to meet your exact requirements, which both the BIDA and ACA series amplifiers provide, making them an adaptable and dependable choice.