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Give us a call  (44) 0186 534 1222
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Middleware, CAS Systems

Middleware, CAS Systems

Increase revenue and subscribers when you provide additional pay-tv services at an affordable price. At Toner Cable there are a variety of ATSC and DVB-compliant CA systems available to choose from. 

Conditional Access Systems work by scrambling data that is received by a network’s satellites. While the data itself is freely broadcasted from land-based television transmitters to orbital satellites and then back to the user’s receiver box, the Conditional Access System scrambles the received data before it reaches the user’s television set by using a number of encryption methods. When a user has purchased a specific service or group of channels, the Conditional Access System unscrambles the data relating to that service or group of channels and allows the user to view the data instantaneously.  Conditional Access Systems are advantageous because they are seamless and work without the user’s knowledge.