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Toner Cable's selection of modulators has been helping cable network operators convert baseband audio and video signals into network-ready RF output signals for many years.  Toner has sold thousands of modulators, from 1RU types to minimod chassis systems, we have a huge selection of modulators in stock at Toner Cable.  We supply agile and fixed channel modulators from the top manufacturers like Blonder, Drake & Pico Macom.

Some of our best-selling modulators include Blonder Tongue's MICM and AMCM micromod series.  The MICM is a fixed-channel analog audio/video modulator module which fits into the MIRC-12 (12 modules in 2RU) or MIRC-4 (4 modules in 1RU) chassis, where the AMCM utilizing the same chassis is completely agile, or "tunable".  Although the MICM is a more cost effective option, it is not quite as flexible as the popular agile AMCM model.  Both modulators offer high-performance and reliability at a great price and are in stock at Toner Cable.

Another option is Drake's VMM860AG agile mini-modulator, which is also a module utilizing the minirack headend system chassis.  The biggest difference between the AMCM and VMM860AG, is that the VMM860AG has pushwheel switches for channel selection, where the AMCM has convenient LED up-down channel selection.

All of these modulators are designed to accept any standard audio/video source such as NTSC video and audio baseband signals from a satellite receiver, TV camera, videotape recorder, TV demodulator, or similar signal source.

When choosing your modulator it is important to know the frequency / channel that you will need, and also how much rack space you have available.  Modulators are available in fixed or agile single channel 1RU, or the minirack headend system chassis.  The minirack headend system saves space by allowing up to 12 channels per 2 rack spaces, this has become the most preferred and economical choice by far.  Let Toner Cable assist you in finding the best modulator for you.