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QAM Modulators

QAM Modulators

Toner Cable Equipment is your complete source for all digital modulators. From SD modulators to HD modulators, we simply have it all. Please feel free to browse our site to find your next QAM modulation need. If you need assistance with finding the right product, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced customer service staff. We have the answers you need to make the right choice!

By visiting our website, you will find QAM modulation products from the top manufacturers in the industry including but not limited to: Hilkom, Wellav, Thor Digital, Ericsson, Drake, Blonder Tongue, Contemporary Research, Pico Digital, Standard Communications, and KTech. Whether you need SD or HD modulators, you will find the product you need from the vast inventory provided by Toner Cable Equipment.

QAM modulators are the electronic devices that create QAM channels on a cable TV or other various types of distribution systems. Toner Cable Equipment also carries ASI modulators, which generate an 8VSB modulation such as that used in off-air broadcast transmission. QAM, or Quadrature Amplitude Modulation, is the modulation standard used over cable TV systems. The modulators take an input signal, typically an ASI or NIP signal, to generate the QAM channels. They can be single-channel QAM modulators, multi-channel modulators (ex. Edge-QAM modulator). Modulators can handle SD or HD content, otherwise known as “SD modulator” or, “HD modulator.”

Edge-QAM modulators typically take a package of multiple programs or multiple channel packages, and modulate them onto multiple QAMs. Edge-QAM modulators are typically available from an 8-QAM version, all the way up to a 264-QAM version. These all have GigeE inputs, often times having multiple GigeE inputs where 8 or 16 channels are handled on each GigeE. The device that feeds these is a multiplexer that puts the programs together. The modulation scheme is typically set up at QAM-256; however, QAM-64 is often used especially in the case of an MMDS solution. Modulators are very stable and have high-quality output signals with an MER typically found in the 42-44 Db range. They feature a very good modulation MER (Modulation Error Rate) and BER (Bit Error Rate).

Customers can feel free to browse our website to buy digital modulators or to buy headend electronics. We offer an extensive inventory for all equipment available on our website.