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Give us a call  (44) 0186 534 1222
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Toner Cable Equipment Inc. History

As often happens, the beginning of Toner Cable Equipment UK Ltd. was not planned but happened due to changing circumstances, Bob Toner’s, Toner Cable Equipment Inc. having started business in 1971 in Horsham Pennsylvania USA, expanded outside the domestic American market in 1985 selling to Mexico, Central and South America by Bob’s son BJ who was promoted to International sales.

1989 proved to be an historic year for BJ, Bob and his company. In order to continue to expand internationally the decided to exhibit at a Cable TV exhibition in London England

While attending the show, a new Cable TV system operator, United Artist Cable approached Bob in hopes of developing a specially designed tap for the dense housing in UK neighbourhoods. That fateful meeting gave birth to the QuadTap, a device that allows for 32 or 48 tap ports in one housing with different tap values. The QuadTap was a massive success, and between 1990 and 2008, Toner Cable supplied the Tap to just about every cable operator in the UK.

 In order to better serve the UK cable market Toner paired with a local sales representative and stocked the QuadTap in England. This arrangement lasted until 1996 when Toner and their representative parted. This resulted in the establishment of Toner Cable Equipment UK Ltd. in Reading England in June of 1996 managed by BJ Toner. The company prospered and expanded into the rest of Europe and parts of Asia. By 2004 the company was outgrowing it facility in Reading and they started to look for a larger property. In February 2005 they moved into their current location in Berinsfield England which is about 5 miles south of Oxford.

As the industry began it’s transition to Digital Television in 2003-2007 Toner cable Equipment UK Ltd also transioned. Prior to his the company had primarily supplied distribution electronics and passives. With more and more digital products emerging, Toner grasped the opportunity to become a trusted supplier of Digital headend electronics such as Encoders, Multiplexers and Conditional Access Systems / Settops.

By 2009 Toner was providing and commissioning complete digital Headends for customers throughout Europe. Today, Toner Cable stocks more than 120 manufacturer’s products for Digital TV signal processing and serves the Cable Television industry, the Broadcast industry, IPTV, Government, and many other industries and businesses

Having been in business for over 43 years, Toner Cable has grown and innovated at every step of the industry’s evolution. And it continues to do so today. In 2005, founder Bob Toner scaled back his daily involvement with the company, passing the torch to his son, BJ Toner, who is now Toner Cable’s President. Along with his father’s unmatched knowledge of the industry, as well as his own expertise, BJ Toner and the Toner Cable staff continue the company’s philosophy of having high quality and reliable equipment in stock at reasonable prices. 

UK Company

Toner Cable Equipment UK Ltd.
Unit 9, Berinsfield Business Park
Tower Industrial Estate, Fane Drive
Berinsfield, Oxfordshire OX10 7LN England

Tel:  (44) 0186 534 1222
Fax:  (44) 0186 534 1233


US Company

Toner Cable Equipment, Inc.
969 Horsham Road
Horsham, Pennsylvania 19044 USA

Tel:  800-523-5947