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Give us a call  (44) 0186 534 1222
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Delivering Revolutionary Solutions that Enable Network Operators to Provide Universal Access for Subscribers at Home, at Work or on the Go!

Casa Systems offers a new category of cable edge devices. Based on disruptive technologies, our products help cable operators address the growing market opportunity in interactive digital video and broadband IP services over cable networks.

Casa Systems' innovation completely changes the economics of provisioning new services over HFC networks. By reducing initial capital expenditures and generating savings on ongoing operational expenditures, our products create the best path for cable operators to roll out new digital services.

Casa products utilize advanced technologies to dramatically increase the flexibility and density and reduce the cost of large-scale deployment of VoD, Interactive TV, Network-based DVR, Switched Digital Video, Video-over-IP and other broadband IP services.

Their approach provides capital investment protection by allowing cable operators to deliver digital unicast video in native MPEG format today and to seamlessly migrate to IP streaming video service with the same hardware. Casa products also enable video and IP data to share the spectral resources of the HFC plant within the same hardware platform.