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Give us a call  (44) 0186 534 1222
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SMP190R-8VSB 8VSB to IP Stream Media Platform

SMP190R-8VSB offers compact modular design: 1RU with embedded ASI/IP interface

Great for any 8VSB to IP turnaround application, the 192R has 12 individual 8VSB inputs across the 3 modules in the chassis and makes use of the onboard IP and ASI ports to allow the user maximum flexibility

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SMP191R-8VSBIQAM 8VSB to QAM Stream Media Platform

SMP191R-8VSBIQAM provides management port for remote integration service

Perfect for any 8VSB to QAM application. The 191R has 8 individual 8VSB inputs across 2 modules and allows the user to output 8 independent channel frequencies.

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