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Give us a call  (44) 0186 534 1222
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Video, Voice & Data Linked In & Linked Out

Do you need Video and Sound on every monitor in your facility? How about distributing channels to TVs in your facility without a digital cable box at every TV? Do you want to include non-TV channels on your cable line-up? Have security cameras that you want to modulate to certain channels on your cable system? Cable operators, hotels, motels, schools and colleges, sports bars, condos, prisons, governmental institutions all use a headend system to receive television signals for processing and distribution of video, voice and data over a cable television system. A typical headend contains a rack of satellite receivers that sends video signals to modulators which change the video into channels.

It is the heart of a Cable TV system (whether the signals are analog or digital). It handles many functions, including reception and processing of broadcast or "off-air" television signals and reception, decryption and modulation of satellite delivered programming or distribution to your TV and/or monitor. This enables you to have your own private cable network at your location.

Toner Cable Equipment have built in excess of 5500 headends - A single wall rack to a 40 rack 180 channel system.

Toner Cable Sales Representatives and Engineers design customized solutions to fit your current budget and provide a path for upgrading whether you are using analog, digital or IP, your investment is futureproofed.

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