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FCC Aeronautical Frequency Regulations in a Bandwidth

Did you know that in recent weeks, the FCC has begun an enhanced focus on Multichannel Cable Distribution Systems? They're looking for systems that emit or "leak" frequencies in the 108-137 and 225-400 MHz bands. These are the frequencies used by cable channels 14-16, 25-53, 98-99. Outside of the shielded cable delivery system, the 108 to 137 MHz band is used for civilian aeronautical communications. The band between 108 to 118 MHz is used for aeronautical navigational beacons. The remaining bands are used for voice and data communications between air traffic control and operating aircraft. The 225 to 400MHz band is used for military aviation communications. If a cable operator does not maintain their system properly, they run the risk of producing unwanted radiation at these frequencies and possibly producing interference to aeronautical navigation.

A good way to ensure compliance is to regularly test systems for leakage

  • Make sure connections are on tight throughout the distribution system
  • Check cables and splitters are properly terminated
  • Replace damaged cables and out of spec amplifiers
  • Regularly measure for leakage according to FCC regulations

Toner Cable has the right test and measurement tools for the job from Sadelco and Sencore.  

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