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Take a Look Inside a Coax Cable ...

Coax Cable is used to distribute TV signals from the Cable Company to your TV set and to connect the Dish to the Settop for satellite services. Coaxial cable is named because the cable has a center conductor that is centered in a outer conductor, separated by a insulation material called a Dielectric Two types of cable are used: Hardline which has a rigid aluminum outer conductor (hangs from telephone pole to telephone pole) and drop cable which is smaller and flexible The picture below is an example of RG-6 Cable which is the most common cable used for TV signal distribution to or in the home

The RG-6 cable is available with different shielding (protection from interference) percentages, the most common being 60% and Quadshield. It is also available with a black or white jacket and sometimes for direct bury underground. When the cable distance is long (>300 feet) a RG-11 cable is normally used as it has less signal loss than RG-6. RG-6 is less expensive, smaller and easier to handle so used most often. RG-59 cable used to be popular but the higher performance of RG-6 and the minimal cost savings of RG-59 has made it less desirable so it is not used much anymore.

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