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Give us a call  (44) 0186 534 1222
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7 Essential Engineering Services for CATV & Broadcast Networks

Designing complex electronic communication and broadcast systems as well as the implementation of satellite communications, fiber optic, data communication networks and radio frequency systems require the expertise of an FCC Licensed and SCTE Certified Engineer. A comprehensive field support program will troubleshoot field problems; recommend design solutions and supply installation of structured cabling, fiber optic and data communication installations in a timely manner and at a competitive rate.

Essential CATV and Satellite Engineering Services include:

Emergency Transportable Satellite Antenna Systems

  • Configuring, mounting and designing portable satellite systems for rapid deployments

Headend Installation and Commissioning

  • Installing, programming the headend, and signal distribution equipment to insure maximum operating efficiencies of the headend
  • Providing engineering documentation such as schematics and performance analysis reports
  • Ensuring transmission and distribution equipment meet FCC standards
  • Cable and Broadcast Design Solutions support IPTV technology

Premise Cabling, Coaxial CAT 5 and Fiber Optic

  • Building telecommunications structured cabling infrastructure using fiber optic cable and/or coax CAT 5
  • Riser and plenum topologies to connect equipment to the cabling system

Satellite Antenna Installations, from 1 to 7 meters

  • Assembling a satellite dish antenna for installation
  • Installing antenna position controller and all other electrical components
  • Optimizing and positioning on satellites

Local Antenna Installations

  • Complete antenna installation and cabling, including up gradation of antenna
  • Repairing of antennas and installation of additional antenna outlets
  • Data point installation

Service Contracts

  • Troubleshooting and solving problems to keep and get systems up and running
  • Monitoring the audio and video quality of telecom services and troubleshoot potential problems

Repair and System Upgrades

  • Compliance with FCC & SCTE regulations are documented
  • Addressing network problems or infrastructure issues for RF, IP and Digital Video Networks
  • Installing new technology
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