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Give us a call  (44) 0186 534 1222
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Total Tap Solution for MDUs & Facilities Running Multiple Drops

The Toner Total Tap is a unique TV signal distribution passive that combines several taps into one housing, making installation and assembly much easier than traditional methods. The core of the total tap is a die cast aluminum housing that accepts different tap plates. There are two models available, the TXMT6H which accommodates 6 tap plates or the TXMT 3H that accommodates 3 tap plates. The TXMT 6H can serve up to 48 separate drops where the TXMT3H serves up to 24 drops. These multifunctional tap systems are ideal for wiring of MDU's (apartment buildings), Hotels or Motels and any other facility running multiple drops from a central location. The Total Tap system has 40 tap plates to custom configure the tap to suit your application. Tap plates are available in 2 port, 4 port and 8 port models with standard tap values. Each tap plate is also available as a terminating model with a blank plate to cover any unused plate positions. The tap plates regardless of tap value can be placed in any position, to configure as needed.

  • The Total Tap is a space efficient and cost effective solution. You will realize a 20% to 30% cost savings in comparison to a string of conventional outdoor taps.
  • The Total Tap can be installed in about 5 minutes compared to 45 minutes to plumb together adapters and taps.
  • An additional benefit is the Total Tap takes up less than one half the space conventional taps would. This leaves more room for other equipment and makes cable management easier.
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