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Give us a call  (44) 0186 534 1222
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Post InfoComm 2015

Post InfoComm 2015

This past week, the Toner Cable Equipment Inc. team of Steve, Jon, Liz and Rob went down to Orlando, FL for the 2015 InfoComm show. Our team concluded that the show was a resounding success. Whether someone stopped by the booth to check out the back of the rack or the IP solution being shown, booth number 4243 was a hotspot for congregation. The main product being presented by our team was an IP solution for video distribution.

IP solution can offer a cost-effective and easy means of distributing high quality video. The possibilities for using an IP solution are endless. At the show, the Toner Cable Equipment Inc. team was approached by domestic airlines, over 20 different colleges, churches and enterprises about utilizing Toner’s IP solution. With the IP solution, colleges can stream a video across the campus and churches can stream Sunday worships.

Our team was able to provide the various interested patrons with the necessary and concise information about solving whatever problem they were looking to solve at the show. Toner Cable Equipment Inc. was thrilled to be a part of the InfoComm 2015 and is already looking forward to the 2016 show.

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