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Give us a call  (44) 0186 534 1222
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Toner Introduces Their New Printed Catalog

Toner Introduces Their New Printed Catalog

Since our inception on May 23rd, 1971, Toner Cable Equipment Inc. has produced a comprehensive product catalog to educate customers. However, as technology changed, it was felt that customers wanted exclusively a CD, USB stick or online versions of the catalog. In 2011, Toner decided to discontinue the printed catalog, which had been referred to and known as the best in the industry.

Today, Toner is re-introducing the print catalog once more!

Here at Toner, we found that we were getting more and more customers requesting the printed catalog again. This was most common at trade shows. So in April, we started compiling a new catalog together. As daunting of a task this may have been, we turned our old 3 ring binder catalog into a bound book!

As of late July, the catalog has been completed and printed. The first 2000 copies have arrived and are already being sent out to customers. This catalog includes 204 pages of over 4000 products across 120 different manufacturers!

For further information, or to get your own free copy, please contact Toner Cable Equipment Inc. by either calling or emailing us: 215) 675-2053 |

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