232-Amp+ Mixer Amplifier
  • 232-Amp+ Mixer Amplifier
  • 232-Amp+ Mixer Amplifier

Contemporary Research: 232-Amp+ Mixer Amplifier

The Contemporary Research 232-Amp+ is a compact, programmable mixer/amplifier aimed at integration with flat-panel displays and video projectors. The versatile amp features a stereo line-level display/projector audio input and two mono aux inputs, and outputs 32/40W RMS stereo sound. The aux inputs mix levels with the stereo input, and can be set to mute or lower other inputs when active, ideal for wireless mics and paging applications. The Class D amp is 90% efficient, operates with very little heat, and draws almost no power when quiet. The unit is also available as the 232-Amp+W, with integrated flanges for surface mounting (shown above, right). 

When combined with a CR tuner and pole mount, the 232-Amp+ serves as an integrated AV tuning/audio solution for video projector installations. The optional SMA bracket mounts the 232-Amp+ to the top of CR tuners, and a single RS-232 port can control a 232-series tuner and amp.

Full RS-232 control and status is available, allowing integration with custom control systems. In addition to setting master gain and input levels, the commands can also set max and minimum gain, and aux input threshold and ducking levels. Installers can adjust performance manually in the field using onboard switches and level potentiometer.

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Programmable Mixer Amplifier


Programmable Mixer Amplifier with Flanges for Surface Mounting