280567 HDMI Over Single Coax Cable Extender
  • 280567 Extender Supports up to 1080p High Definition resolution

Vanco International: 280567 HDMI Over Single Coax Cable Extender

The Vanco 280567 HDMI over Single Coax Cable Extender with IR extends high definition video and audio signals and IR, at a distance of up to 100m/328ft over a single RG6 coax cable. With only one cost effective Coax cable, high definition sources with HDMI outputs can be connected to high definition displays with HDMI inputs over long distances. Deep color video, and HDCP is supported and compatible with the 280567. In addition, the 280567 is also equipped with wideband IR pass-through which allows for controlling the source at the display location.

The 280567 includes two units: transmitting unit (280567-TX) and receiving unit (280567-RX). The transmitting unit is used to capture the HDMI input with IR signals and carries the signals via one cost effective Coax cable. The receiving unit is responsible for equalizing the transmitted HDMI signal and reconstructing IR and serial control signals. The 280567 offers the most convenient solution for HDMI extension over a single coax with long distance capability, and is a great solution for any application which already has coax cables installed within the walls.