ACA Series CATV RF Distribution Amplifier
  • ACA-30-55R

Blonder Tongue: ACA Series CATV RF Distribution Amplifier

The Blonder Tongue ACA Series are indoor CATV RF distribution amplifiers designed to be used in RF distribution systems. Two way models are available in 550, 750 and 860 MHz bandwidths with a passive return path of 5-30 MHz. A one way model is also available in a 550 MHz bandwidth only. ACA's are housed in a compact, aluminum chassis that provides excellent heat dissipation. An external power transformer is provided for use with 117 VAC power. The unit can also be powered directly with 24 VAC.

Model# Model Description Quantity  


30 dB, 47-550 MHz Apartment Complex Amplifier


30 dB, 47-550 MHz, Passive Return, Single Hybrid Apartment Complex Amplifier


30 dB, 47-750 MHz, Passive Return, Dual Hybrid Apartment Complex Amplifier


30 dB, 47-550, Passive Return, Dual Hybrid MHz Apartment Complex Amplifier