AD-1 Analog Agile Demodulator
  • AD-1

Blonder Tongue: AD-1 Analog Agile Demodulator

Blonder Tongue's AD-1 is a professional quality agile audio/video demodulator. The unit provides audio and video outputs from any analog input channel in the 54 to 88 and 108 to 806 MHz frequency range. The AD-1 is ideal for signal monitoring and signal conditioning (audio/video processing and remodulation) applications. Agile channel selection permits on-the-fly channel changes. 

The AD-1 takes a single NTSC channel in the 54 to 88 and 108 to 806 MHz frequency range and demodulates the audio and video information. Baseband audio and video as well as 4.5 MHz audio subcarrier and mulitplex audio are provided as outputs. The AD-1 features phase locked loop synthesized frequency control with a tuning increment of 250 kHz. Channel selection is accomplished with the use of simple to use front panel accessible dip switches. A Nyquist filter provides stable, accurate demodulation of the vestigial sideband signal. Additionally, this filter minimizes distortion and preserves the timing of the signal. Delayed AGC circuitry automatically compensates for input signal variations. The AD-1 also utilizes a quasi-synchronous video detector that has low differential gain and minimal phase distortion. A quadrature audio detector delivers a very low distortion audio output. The broadband multiplex audio, 4.5 MHz audio subcarrier, or the optional BTSC stereo (L/R) or SAP outputs make the AD-1 ideal for any stereo application.