AFN-AVC UHD/4K Encoding Solution
  • AFN-AVC UHD (4K), At-Home Production & Dense AVC Encoding Solution

Adtec: AFN-AVC UHD/4K Encoding Solution

Adtec has thrived at the forefront of UHD (4K) AVC live contribution. Using synchronization technology we developed nearly a decade before, Adtec participated in the first live UHD (4K) contribution event in early 2014. Since then, we have enjoyed partnering with our customers to provide our UHD (4K) solution with repeated success. Now, we have advanced this technology to our new afiniti platform to provide you with a more cost-effective and space-efficient solution.

Our at-home production solutions enable operators to perform tasks from their “home” location. Adtec’s dense encoder packages help lower operating expense by packing more services and transport options into one box. The at-home workflow packages can encode feeds from up to eight cameras, preserve frame accurate sync, and multiplex them into one transport stream for IP or ASI delivery.

The ability to expand as your needs change, coupled with the capability to upgrade to HEVC compression technology when required, make these contribution packages ideal for ever-changing markets.