AMCM-860D Agile Micro Channel Modulator
  • AMCM-860

Blonder Tongue: AMCM-860D Agile Micro Channel Modulator

Blonder Tongue's AMCMD-860 is a frequency-agile analog audio/video modulator available in NTSC channels 2-135 (54-860 MHz). Models are available in both stereo and mono audio inputs. 

This 4th generation of AMCM-860 is equipped with the CALMTones feature, utilizing Audio AGC (Automatic Gain Control) circuitry that eliminates variations in loudness level that may be present among various program sources.

Model# Model Description Quantity  


Agile Audio/Video Modulator, +45 dBmV


Agile Audio/Video Modulator, Stereo, +45 dBmV