ASII ASI Input Module
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Drake: ASII ASI Input Module

Drake's ASII provides one DVB-ASI SPTS or MPTS input for the EH24 / EH244 / EH244IP / MEQ1000 chassis. Using the ASII module, programs may be input to the chassis where they will be program-filtered, retimed, and multiplexed with programs from the other input module, which can be a Drake SDE24 Dual Standard Definition MPEG Encoder Module, a HDE24 High Definition MPEG Encoder Module, a SDI24A SDI/HD-SDI Input Module, a DTD1000 Digital ATSC 8-VSB/QAM RF Tuner and Demodulator Module, or a second ASII Module. Drake's ASII module can accept data rates up to 80 Mbps.