AVN441 HD H.264 IPTV Encoder Blade
  • AVN441 HD

Visionary Solutions, Inc.: AVN441 HD H.264 IPTV Encoder Blade

Visionary Solutions’ IPTV encoders can turn video from almost any source into full-screen, full resolution Internet Protocol digital video in real time. The AVN441HD encodes high definition video in an h.264 stream (MPEG-4Part10/AVC). It’s used in a Media Processing Platform (MPP), a high density rack mount system. Plug a video source directly into the blade, plug into the network via the RJ-45 connection, and stream real-time high definition video over your LAN or WAN. The MPP with AVN441HD blades is suitable for all applications requiring cost-effective, low bit rate, high definition video distribution over IP networks.