C3000 Series DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS
  • C3000

C9 Networks: C3000 Series DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS

C9 Network provides an all in one DOCSIS 3.0 CableModem Termination System (CMTS) for high bandwidth applications. This system is DOCSIS standards compliant and also supports channel bonding up to 8 Downstream (DS) channels and 4 Upstream (US) channels. It can operate with all DOCSIS 3.0 Cable modems and is backwards compatible with DOCSIS 2.0 Cable modems.

C9 Networks has focused on small/mini-CMTS for the last12 years. C9 was the first company to make an integrated single box CMTS solution. The product is easy to use, user-friendly and cost-effective. The all-in-one solution reduces the operational and maintenance cost for the cable operator.

Applications of the C3000 Series:

  • Provide high speed internet access with QoS
  • Video on Demand (VoD)
  • IPTV applications
  • VoIP applications
Model# Model Description Quantity  


CMTS, DOCSIS 3.0, 4 Downstream & 4 Upstream Channels, 160 Mbps


CMTS, DOCSIS 3.0, 8 Downstream & 4 Upstream Channels, 320 Mbps