C3200 CMTS, DOCSIS 3.0 (up to 80 Downstream channels)
  • C3200 CMTS

Casa: C3200 CMTS, DOCSIS 3.0 (up to 80 Downstream channels)

The Casa Systems C3200 Cable Modem Termination System (C3200 CMTS) is a new class of cable edge device that combines a third generation DOCSIS CMTS and an MPEG video Edge-QAM in a very high density, and high availability 3RU platform. 

As a third generation CMTS, the C3200 has several unique capabilities beyond DOCSIS 3.0 features.  

The revolutionary DOCSIS bandwidth capacity and cost per-bit of DOCSIS bandwidth of the C3200 provides an unprecedented opportunity for cable operators to cost-effectively provision high-bandwidth IP services such as IPTV or video-over-IP and interactive gaming in addition to traditional broadband access and VoIP services.  

The integrated MPEG video capacity of the C3200 provides cable operators the flexibility to offer MPEG or DVBbased broadcast digital cable TV, video-on-demand (VOD), and interactive services in the same platform. The flexibility, multi-functionality and economics of the platform eliminate the need to deploy multiple parallel systems for MPEG TV, IPTV bypass and DOCSIS broadband access. The following sections detail the unique capabilities of the C3200.