C600 | C800 | C900 Series DOCSIS 1.0 CMTS
  • C600 | C800 | C900

C9 Networks: C600 | C800 | C900 Series DOCSIS 1.0 CMTS

C9 Networks provides a highly integrated, low maintenance & high performance Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) at the lowest prices in the industry. This solution is available in a 2U rackmount chassis:

  • CMTS with 1 Down Stream & 1 Up Stream channels
  • CMTS servers like DHCP, TFTP & ToD.
  • Web server for local & remote Configuration and Management
  • Subscriber service activation and de-activation

All the components required for providing data on cable except upconverter are integrated into one single box. This system with the highest performance for the lowest cost is an ideal solution for small MSO’s, and in MTU/MDU applications. This system is software upgradeable to DOCSIS 1.1. 

Applications of the C600/C800/C900 Series:
The C600/C800/C900 CMTS is a compact solution for small MSO, smaller distribution hub, Multi-Tenant Units (MTU/MDU) or hospitality business. This solution enables the operator to provide Cable TV and data on the existing cable infrastructure. In the case of the MTU it eliminates the need to rewire the building with Cat5 for data service. In future this can also enable IP multicast based video on cable. 

This purpose built CMTS enables the small MSO or the MTU/MDU operator to cost effectively roll out a complete solution at the flip of a switch. This system needs an external upconverter. Apart from this all the components required for the operation are integrated into a single box providing a cost-effective solution with a low cost of deployment, almost no integration cost and quick generation of revenues. C800 is the most cost effective CMTS solution in the market.

Model# Model Description Quantity  


CMTS, DOCSIS 1.0, 1 Upstream Channel, 200 to 250 CMs


CMTS, DOCSIS 1.0, 2 Upstream Channels, 400 to 500 CMs


CMTS, DOCSIS 1.0, 4 Upstream Channels, 750 to 800 CMs