Cablesight DOXcontrol Core Provisioning DOCSIS Software
  • Cablesight DOXcontrol Core Provisioning DOCSIS Software

Cablesight: Cablesight DOXcontrol Core Provisioning DOCSIS Software

CORE Provisioner is a part of the DOXcontrol suite of DOCSIS software developed by Cablesight. It is a complete, integrated software solution that allows cable operators to administer and provision both cable modems and customer premise equipment in their DOCSIS broadband networks.

DOXcontrol CORE’s graphical user interface (GUI) is easy to learn and use. Its intuitive, Windows-based design allows for quick and efficient management of the CMTS and CM/CPE networks. It has been developed entirely in-house and does not rely on any third-party applications, software components, plugins or scripts.

DOXcontrol CORE includes integrated DHCP/ TFTP/ TOD servers. The provisioner database is user-definable and existing customer information is easily importable. DOXcontrol CORE can also synchronize into existing billing software and supports database engines such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Several affordable licensing plans are available to meet different system sizes and budgets. All DOCSIS levels are supported.

The DOXcontrol suite includes several software applications such as ModemPad (modem config file editor), MIB Browser (file viewer) and an RF monitoring system that is presently under development. We are committed to continuous improvement and are guided by the changing needs of cable operators worldwide.

In addition to software, we offer turnkey solutions including CMTS systems, cable modems and DOCSIS network/RF engineering support.