CMA-Uc UHF Preamplifier
  • CMA-Uc

Blonder Tongue: CMA-Uc UHF Preamplifier

Blonder Tongue’s CMA Broadband Preamplifier Series includes professional quality, low noise, broadband VHF & UHF preamplifiers. These units have been designed to meet the needs of broadband system installations. The CMA Broadband Preamplifier Series provide exceptionally high signal handling capability and gain with good input match, making these preamplifiers ideal for use with wideband TV antennas. Two models are available, including: CMA-BB, Broadband VHF; and CMA-Uc, Broadband UHF. A 20 dB backmatched test port is supplied, permitting the unit’s performance to be monitored without interrupting service.