DPX Series Diplex Filter
  • DPX Series DOCSIS 3.1 Diplex Filter features compact solder back housing

Toner Cable: DPX Series Diplex Filter

These Diplex Filters are designed for the new DOCSIS 3.1 frequencies but are also compatible with standard 1000 MHz system.

They feature a small compact housing that has a solder back for 120 dB RFI shielding. Two models are available to fit different reverse frequencies 5-85 MHz and 5-42 MHz for use depending on system requirements.

Both models pass to 1222 MHz so they are future proof as systems increase bandwidth.

Model# Model Description Quantity  


Diplex Filter 1220 MHz for DOCSIS 3.1 Systems, 5-42 MHz Reverse, 54-1220 MHz Forward


Diplex Filter 1220 MHz for DOCSIS 3.1 Systems, 5-85 MHz Reverse, 105-1220 MHz Forward