DSA1491 SAT/CATV/TV Signal Analyzer
  • DSA 1491 Signal Analyzer has a nine inch high-resolution touch screen and simple user interface

Sencore: DSA1491 SAT/CATV/TV Signal Analyzer

The DSA 1491 is an all format TV/RF signal analyzer providing today’s engineer a complete, portable tool for resolving digital video broadcast, transport, or reception challenges. Capable of testing and analyzing digital satellite signals, digital TV broadcast channels, cable QAM channels, and ASI MPEG streams, it is a true all-in-one analyzer. The DSA 1491 features a color touchscreen, which eliminates the need for multiple menus and pushbuttons, and achieves the ultimate in user friendliness. The large 9 inch screen provides unprecedented resolution so the user won’t miss problems when analyzing critical constellation and spectrum analyzer test screens. An HDMI interface permits viewing on a larger HDMI monitor or for interface to a multi-viewer system. The DSA 1491 provides powerful digital TV/RF analysis including MER, BER, PER, EVM, noise margin, constellation, and spectral analysis tests. A pass or fail quality indication simplifies interpretation. Additionally, the modulation type, FEC value, encryption type, MPEG services, video/audio program IDs and MPEG format descriptors are displayed providing advanced RF and MPEG signal analysis. The DSA 1491 provides a full arsenal of unique tests and control features to assist technicians in troubleshooting all satellite, cable and TV reception systems. Advanced features include an integrated spectrum analyzer, Auto Discovery, SatFinder, DiSEqC commands, dual LNB monitoring, SCR commands, BarScan, tilt, leakage, ingress and logger tests. The DSA 1491 comes equipped with a protective case, AC power adapter, USB cable, various RF adapters and SMART software.