DTS860 8VSB / QAM to ASI Demodulator
  • DTS860

Drake: DTS860 8VSB / QAM to ASI Demodulator

The Drake DTS860 ATSC 8VSB/QAM Demodulator provides digital demodulation for ATSC 8VSB broadcast or in-the-clear QAM television signals. The DTS860 delivers a DVB-ASI transport stream output. This stream will contain all programs present on the selected RF channel.

The DTS860 is packaged in an extruded aluminum module that is compatible with the Drake RMM12 or RMM4 rack-mounting units normally used for our analog mini-rack components. The modules are one unit wide and thus take one of 12available slots in the RMM12. The DTS860 modules may be intermixed with analog modulators from the Drake VMM mini-rack series, all powered by a single PSM121.